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Regional solutions

National Oncologic Register

National Oncologic Register acts as the entity coordinating the process dedicated for gathering of data on new cancer cases as well as for their analysis and publication.

The principal goal of the project is to improve the quality of epidemiological cancer data and to make it possible to conduct modern epidemiological research using information society technology. It is a pioneering undertaking which integrates information functions of oncology register with scientific and research goals.

National Oncologic Register performs its tasks through regular and ongoing collection of data on cancer incidence and mortality rates, processing data by specifying the needs of cancer patients and determining high risk areas.

The system also allows the implementation of projects and research for educational purposes by providing data on cancer incidence and mortality rates in compliance with the Act on Personal Data Protection.

Selected functionalities:

  • Entry of data sets corresponding to the Cancer Notification Cards.
  • Validation of entered data.
  • Modification of gathered data.
  • Creation of organs register.
  • Data entry in Organs Register.
  • Generation of reports.
  • Generation of reports basing upon data furnished by the Central Statistical Office.



Tel./Fax +7 (495) 763-34-65