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CGM CLININET HIS - Comprehensive and integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of workflow in hospital.

Manage the hospital in a comprehensive manner

CGM CLININET system automates work in any location where information is generated and processed. The integration between individual modules of the system enables the collection of data in the form of an electronic patient record. Access to reports and analyses showing data on the operation of individual departments is an excellent source of information that will allow for better management of staff and the entire facility.

A modern hospital

The modernization of infrastructure and implementation of an integrated medical information system are the objectives faced by most medical facilities. Innovation entails improving the quality of medical services as well as improving the organization and management domain. Many years of experience in the medical industry, cooperation with experienced physicians and reliance on continuous development are a guarantee that CGM CLININET is a system that fully meets the needs of your medical facility.

A well prescribed success

Digitizing medical records brings many benefits. Thanks to operating in the CGM CLININET system, hospital staff gain instant access to generated medical data and are able to quickly and efficiently find required information, related to e.g. the course of patient treatment. A well-planned and managed examinations archive ensures order and safety of medical documents. The solution significantly improves the work of medical personnel and has a considerable impact on the savings obtained from digitization of physical documents.



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