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CGM CLININET BI – and everything is clear!

With our software, you can clearly see the situation of your medical facility

It is difficult to draw constructive conclusions based on general information. Having specific details regarding your facility at your disposal, you will easily compare the data and make predictions for future months. Starting from today, your further actions can be based on transparent analysis, statistics and reports which will help you gain crucial insight into the situation your facility is in.

I can see clearly now

Until now, the presentation of aggregates in tables wasn’t enough to illustrate the actual scale of the phenomena occurring in a medical facility. With the CGM CLININET BI system, all the information can be presented in a graphic form. This will make examination results even more transparent and understandable to hospital managers.

Business Intelligence

CGM CLININET BI is a system tailored to the needs and requirements of responsible business in the medical sector. The use of varied and specific forms of data presentation makes it easy to take deliberate steps towards the development of the hospital. An intuitive user interface makes working in the system smooth and simple.



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