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A new dimension of diagnostic imaging at your facility

CGM NETRAAD enables comprehensive digitization of diagnostic imaging facilities and procedure rooms

Many years of experience and the expertise derived from the daily work of professionals contributed to the development of CGM NETRAAD with which diagnostic imaging has reached new heights. Streamlining activities through the use of digital technology means optimizing the costs and time, which can from now on be used more efficiently. One system offering a full range of functionalities needed in particular areas of a diagnostic facility is an excellent solution that responds to your needs.

Ordering medical data in the form of electronic patient records will free your operation from paper and analog records. CGM NETRAAD means order and intuitive usage in one. With access to CGM NETRAAD, you gain access to four functional and fully integrated modules.

A PACS system will store all diagnostic images in one central archive, and the RIS will help the management of a diagnostic facility enable an optimum use of its resources. With the online solution, CGM NETRAAD WEB, access to current and historical examinations is possible from any location in the facility and beyond by using an internet network.

The main modules are also complemented by CGM ENDORAAD, which was developed specifically to enable digitization of endoscopy and ultrasound procedure rooms.

Do you need anything more? We recommend CWT (CTN)– a teleradiological system, which makes diagnostic consultations at a distance also possible in your daily operations.

Implementation CGM NETRAAD is the best way for comprehensive computerization your diagnostic imaging facility or procedure room.

Do you need more information? Please contact us. Together we will plan the process of digitizing your diagnostic facility!



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