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Investor Relations
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CGM Global
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CGM CareerStartup

Three successful editions of our Internship program.

This program was created in order to focus on two main directions: employees and potential employees. First, it helps our colleague develop mentoring skills and learn how to pass on the knowledge. Second, we help our community grow, learn and become more aware of what they can do with our help. 

CGM CareerStartup in numbers

201721 people enrolled as interns

19 remained as CGM employees

Backend and Frontend tracks

3 month-long
 full-time involvement of the interns
201830 people enrolled as interns
24 remained as CGM employees
Backend, Frontend and Quality Assurance tracks
3 month-long full-time involvement of the interns
201940 people enrolled as interns
25 remained as CGM employees
Backend, Frontend, Quality Assurance and Mobile (Android & iOS) tracks
3 month-long full-time involvement of the interns

CGM Mentorship Program 2020

Step up for yourself!

We believe that knowledge is the greatest asset that any individual owns. The potential of individuals must be further developed with the guidance of those who have been on that path before to make that potential grow.

Our mission is to empower and support young professionals reach their career and personal development goals by identifying, nurturing and upgrading their skills and knowledge, with the direct assistance and guidance of a CGM mentor.

The CGM Mentorship Program is a year-round project.

Starting with the moment when you are accepted and matched with a mentor, you will team up for a 3-month period. During this time, you will receive the tools, guidance, and support in order to develop your skills, knowledge and abilities.

Over a 3-month period, you will be paid.

After a 3-month period, you will be assessed, and based on the results of your work and feedback from the mentor, you can become part of one of the CGM teams working on the latest digital health projects.