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Customer satisfaction speaks for itself

CGM OPTYMALIZATOR is a tool collecting information from all medical facilities. Everything to make every hospital learn to manage groups of patients in the most favourable way. Many managed to notice that the experience of others helps reduce expenses.

Below we present their opinions:

Marek Ziegman, MA - Deputy Director of Economic Affairs, Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in Warsaw:

"The release of the Coding Optimizer by CompuGroup Medical Polska Sp. z o.o. is the only clearly positive event connected with the introduction of homogeneous Groups of Patients. Despite the extreme negligence of NHF in the area of preparing the service providers to the new accounting system, thanks to the grouping software hospitals can test a variety of encoding options, so as not to financially fall in the first few months. Elegant and clear interface, comprehensive information about DRG and the help system make the grouper an irreplaceable tool." - Young Doctor Portal

"For sure such "aids" offered to hospitals are worth any price. The facilities will be able to work the system out faster and use them in their own way. It will also be easier to prepare a settlement with the NHF which will include fewer mistakes."



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