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Management of a diagnostic facility

RIS (Radiological Information System) represents modern software designed for comprehensive management of a diagnostic imaging facility. It operates in the client-server mode based on Web technology. The solution enables full integration and data exchange with the HIS using the HL7 standard of medical information exchange.

Selected functionalities:

  • Management of a number of diagnostic facilities e.g., radiology, endoscopy, ultrasound procedure rooms.
  • Registration of patients for diagnostic examinations.
  • Creation of waiting lists.
  • Creation of schedules.
  • Entering descriptive examination results.
  • Defining screens depending on the specific nature of a facility and user preferences.
  • Access to structured examination result forms.
  • Generating different types of reports.
  • Speech recognition and converting it to text.
  • Access to a patient index with an option to edit data.
  • Invoicing.
  • Integration with the diagnostic software by different manufacturers. Diagnostic software can be automatically run from the RIS.



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