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10 reasons why CGM NETRAAD teleradiology system is the best solution for your facility.

Comprehensiveness and scalability are just some of the advantages of CGM NETRAAD teleradiology system:

1. Using CGM NETRAAD in any location:

With the Web architecture you can freely access the system. All you need is a standard web browser

2. No need to install and configure:

Saving you valuable time

3. Consultations of cases at a distance:

Enables assistance where you are not able to reach physically

4. Scanning traditional images:

Just add them to the digital database to enhance the analysis

5. 3 types of images and a hierarchical structure:

For greater ease of use, diagnostic images, reference, and icons are available. Each database has a hierarchical system to make work even more orderly

6. Integration of CGM NETRAAD:

Thanks to full compliance with the HL7 protocol, the system can be integrated with third party solutions. You do not have to give up already proven software

7. Security first:

The highest security standards are ensured by SSL and security solutions which ensure confidentiality of data

8. Ease of operation:

CGM NETRAAD can be connected to various types of diagnostic equipment (DICOM, non-DICOM)

9. Monitoring and analysis:

A possibility to use current and historical examinations, reports, statistics and internal settlements in order to manage the facility more effectively

10. GUI:

It will make it easier and more enjoyable to operate in the system



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