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Guarantee of success for your hospital Outpatient clinic Diagnostic imaging Teleradiology


Outpatient clinic

Diagnostic imaging


Guarantee of success
for your hospital

Managing a hospital means having great responsibilities towards patients, employees and partners. The increasing pressure raises the question of, “How can my hospital remain competitive?” CGM´s Hospital Information
Systems give you the answer.

Manage the operations of your outpatient clinic efficiently

Find all the tools needed from patient registration, booking doctor's appointments to sharing examination results among many professionals. Discover all functionalities in one solution: CGM CLININET AIS by CGM Poland.

Do you want to improve the operation of your diagnostic imaging facility?

CGM teamed up with specialists to develop solutions to support you with challenging tasks like shortage of specialists in the facility or professional archiving your patients' records.

Improve effectiveness with Teleradiology

Getting a quick and professional diagnosis is good. Getting such diagnoses 24/7 and completely location-independet is even better - because time does matter when it is about your patients' wellbeing.



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