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01. February 2016, Lublin

NU-MED Cancer Center in Zamość is implementing the CGM CLININET system


On 1 February 2016, CompuGroup Medical Polska signed an agreement with the NU-MED Cancer Center for the provision and implementation of a HIS class comprehensive information system along with integration of systems and peripherals. The contract covers the provision of warranty and maintenance services, integration of the CGM CLININET system with the radiology system utilized at the hospital (manufactured by CGM Polska) and the laboratory system, as well as a series of staff trainings on the system’s operation. Currently, CGM Polska supports three of the four NU-MED group facilities.

The NU-MED Cancer Center was established at the Pope John Paul II Independent Public Provincial Hospital in Zamość. The hospital treats cancer patients using chemotherapy. The proximity to the radiation therapy will allow the use of combination therapy. Cancer patients from Zamość and the Zamość region will therefore be offered comprehensive treatment - without having to move between remote centers.

As pointed out by Andrzej Mielcarek, director of the hospital, comprehensive treatment of cancer patients has become a reality, as the facility already has clinical oncology and surgical oncology departments. Every year, 3.5 thousand cancer patients are admitted there; half of them require treatment with radiation therapy.

“Until now, cancer patients had to travel for radiotherapy to the Cancer Center in Lublin. Now Zamość will have its own radiology and brachytherapy center, so the availability of these treatments will improve. This is important because radiation therapy offers good recovery chances”- said dr. Marek Lipiec, deputy director in charge of treatment at the Independent Public Provincial Hospital in Zamość.

The staff of the NU-MED Center in Zamość includes physicians, nurses, clinical physicists, technicians, therapists, radiologists. In total, the new center employs over 50 people.

The NUM-MED group includes four units:

- Radiation Therapy and Rehabilitation Center in Elbląg

- Diagnostic and Cancer Treatment Center in Tomaszów Mazowiecki

- Cancer Center in Zamość

- Diagnostic and Cancer Treatment Center in Katowice.

Bartłomiej Gąbka CGM Polska – project manager

We provide our services to the largest cancer hospitals in Poland, including the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center in Warsaw, the Holy Cross Cancer Center in Kielce, the Cancer Center in Bydgoszcz. With knowledge of the needs of cancer treatment facilities accumulated over the years, we are able to offer solutions perfectly suited to this field of medicine. Each new client who chooses to cooperate with us is granted an additional software reliability and top quality service guarantee (we are the only company on the market to offer the maintenance service 7/24).