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Training & Consulting

Training & Consulting


To enable our clients to get the most out of their IT investments, CGM employs a staff of experienced educators, most of whom have their background as healthcare professionals.

Their job is to present CGM’s products and services in a manageable and structured way, and to share our experience across healthcare institutions.

Most of the training classes are performed on-site. Visiting our clients provides the best opportunity to observe, visualize and alleviate gaps in competence and product usage.

The CGM training service can give detailed recommendations when it comes to educational programs at both small and large installations.


Healthcare is a complex environment, and especially hospitals, dental clinic and large organizations may require significant assistance to enhance and extend off-the-shelf products from CGM and third party suppliers to create an IT-solution which fulfills all their needs.

For these clients, CGM provides a full range of consulting services, including:

  • Front-end planning and project management
  • Configuration and installation of CGM software and communication products
  • Configuration, installation and integration of 3rd party product necessary for a total solution
  • Customer specific application programming
  • Full system integration

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