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Professional Medical Office

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PMO – A reliable healthcare solution for your clinic management

What is PMO?

PMO is a clinic management system with functionalities required for patient management activities, clinical process documentation and business transactions of a medical centre. It is an ideal solution for the efficient handling of patient care information – services provided, related medical correspondence and streamlining of workflows and processes.

What are the functions in PMO?

PMO provides administrative, clinical and non-clinical functions for managing patients, encompassing Patient Registration, Chronological Care Records, Prescription and Dispensing, Diagnosis, Medical Imaging and Laboratory Orders.

In addition, billing to panel companies and Inventory Management are important functions that can be improved by implementing CGM PMO.

Why do I need PMO?

PMO is a reliable healthcare solution that is designed for successful doctors. PMO is a preferred choice, as it delivers competitive business edge with automation, efficiency and reliability to increase your clinic revenue by 20%.