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CGM Analytics

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CompuGroup Medical has developed laboratory information systems for more than two decades. Our large experience, combined with the demands of modern laboratory organizations, has laid the course for how laboratory systems of the future should be designed and work. The result is CGM Analytix!

Based on experience

With the long experience in supplying laboratory offices with innovative IT-solutions, CompuGroup Medical holds a strong tradition in developing effective systems that enhance the efficiency of laboratories. CGM Analytix is an innovative system that also meets all the requirements demanded of a modern laboratory information system.

Adminstration should be simple

CGM Analytix is a configurable, yet standardized system. In order to satisfy individual laboratories' requirements the system contains a large number of configuration possibilities assuring a high level of customization. In CGM Analytix all configuration and system administration is done through user-friendly Windows applications. This makes the system very easy to administer and brings system administration to a new level compared to character based administration.

Choose CGM Analytix

There are many reasons to choose CGM Analytix. Analytix supports the different laboratory processes; pre-analysis, production and post-analysis. It is a scalable system, which means that it can be used for "single user" point-of-care-testing as well as for integrated regional solutions with multi-sites covering multiple disciplines. The intuitiveness of the system makes it easy to use and our educational staff, who are all former healthcare professionals, will offer a solid introduction to the system. Today, the system is multi lingual, with versions available in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English and Russian.

CGM Analytix Laboratory Information System at a glance

  • from the small, single-discipline laboratory

  • to large, multi-disciplinary, multi-site laboratory organizations

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