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Privacy Policy - CompuGroup Medical

Privacy Policy

CompuGroup Medical, the company that owns the website on which this privacy policy is published, is committed to providing users with the highest quality service on all its products. This privacy policy was prepared to allow all users to be informed of the practices adopted by CompuGroup Medical for data protection.


Privacy is very important for most of our users and it is essential for ensuring their maximum satisfaction. Since CompuGroup Medical is aware of the importance of protecting the privacy of its customers and registered users who visit our website, it guarantees both to customers who purchase products or services and to visitors, that personal data will be acquired only with the permission of the users themselves.

Please remember that the websites of CompuGroup Medical contain links to other websites. CompuGroup Medical is not responsible for the data protection measures taken by third parties nor the content published on those sites.

Personal information

CompuGroup Medical not collect any personal information about users who visit our site unless they are explicitly and intentionally provided by the users themselves. In other words, CompuGroup Medical does not acquire any personal information about users who only visit the websites.

Statistical information about site views

While you visit our website the computers of CompuGroup Medical may automatically collect statistical information about your visit. This information is not collected in order to identify individual users, but simply serves to draw up statistics on the number of visitors, their IP addresses, the pages visited, the visitors’ domains and the browser used. These data are used by CompuGroup Medical to improve the quality of its services.

Use of Cookies

"Cookies" are used only as set out in this section. "Cookies" are pieces of information that the website of CompuGroup Medical sends to your browser and saves on your computer. Cookies store information about users and their preferences as long as the user remains in a specific window (if the cookie is temporary) or until the cookie is not disabled or deleted. Many users prefer to use cookies because they allow them to explore the site more easily. It is useful to remember that the cookies contain only the information that is provided voluntarily by the user and are not designed to "take possession" of the user's hard drive and illegally transmit personal information about you or your system.

CompuGroup Medical uses "cookies" only in the circumstances described below. The first case is that of temporary cookies, which are mainly used for two purposes. First, if the user accesses the services of CompuGroup Medical through one of the online applications, it is possible that the Web server of CompuGroup Medical will automatically send your browser a temporary cookie that is designed to simplify your exploration of the site. The only information contained in these temporary cookies are “directional” indications that allow the CompuGroup Medical software to determine which page to display when you click the back button on the browser. This information is deleted when you close the browser window. If you access the CompuGroup Medical website via a link on a CompuGroup Medical partner site, the CompuGroup Medical web server may send the browser a temporary cookie that contains the "source code" of the partner in question. This information is used only for statistics and marketing.

However, cookies are also used when users who visit the CompuGroup Medical website request documentation, services or information, or specific answers.

Use and sharing of the information collected

The information gathered by CompuGroup Medical is used only for the purposes specified below.

Sending answers and updates

Generally, CompuGroup Medical answers all questions, requests for information about products or services or other requests. Communications received by users are sometimes stored and used to improve products, services and the website and for other purposes set forth herein. Contact details of users are often stored to allow for the sending of updates or other important information about CompuGroup Medical products and services.

Technical assistance, renovation and purchase of products and services

The personal information provided by users is sometimes used for transactions related to technical assistance, renewal and purchase of products. These data are available to CompuGroup Medical to make it possible for us to contact the user and provide the technical support service or provide for the renewal or the sending of the product or service ordered.

Sending information about goods and services of interest to you

The personal information provided by users is sometimes used to send them information about products and services that complement those of CompuGroup Medical and that may affect the user.

Permission to use personal data is essential to allow CompuGroup Medical to transmit such data. The failure to grant authorization can prevent CompuGroup Medical from providing the requested service.

Questionnaires and market research

CompuGroup Medical can sometimes send customers questionnaires involving the need to provide personal information. Since participation in these surveys is voluntary, users can decide each time whether or not to provide such data. Data from these surveys are used to monitor or improve the use of our website and customer satisfaction, as well as to improve the services and products provided.

Cancellation of subscriptions to newsletters

CompuGroup Medical, its partners and trusted suppliers may send newsletter subscribers information about new products, special offers, updates and upgrades. To unsubscribe, just send a specific request to the address indicated at the end of every message received.

Safety Procedures

CompuGroup Medical has taken every possible security measure to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of information provided by visitors and customers.

Changes to Privacy Policy

All changes made to the privacy policy will be posted on the CompuGroup Medical website.CompuGroup Medical is responsible for the verification procedures and data processing described in this privacy policy.