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LAUER-TAXE®: reliable pharmaceutical information for all drugs and contracts registered in Germany

The LAUER-TAXE® (LAUER-FISCHER-TAXE®, formerly also aid tax) for drugs, medical devices, and standard apothecary goods is still the standard work for drug information. It is the first milestone in the history of innovation of CGM LAUER and has repeatedly changed the face of the pharmacy and set new standards.

The LAUER-TAXE® offers detailed pharmaceutical price information on 700,000 articles and about 57,000 pictures as well as texts, discount contract information as well as health insurance delivery contracts by federal states. It guarantees the correct implementation of all legal changes at the deadline. Thus, you can rely on always making well-founded decisions.

The LAUER-TAXE® has therefore been the reliable basis for pharmaceutically and economically sound decisions since 1950. Since then, the LAUER-TAXE® has been the basis of the database for all WINAPO® merchandise management systems for every public pharmacy and integrated as a module in WINAPO® ux.

Furthermore, the LAUER-TAXE® is also available online as a research and evaluation tool via LAUER-TAXE® Online 4.0 and LAUER-TAXE® Download is available for hospital pharmacies, health insurances, wholesalers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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LAUER-TAXE® Online 4.0

Learn more about the standard work for drug information: the LAUER-TAXE®

LAUER-TAXE® Download

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LAUER-TAXE® Online 4.0 - Licence Key

To receive your Licence Key for our LAUER-TAXE® Online 4.0 please contact Mr. Florian Hommer:

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