LAUER-TAXE® Download

For a fast, secure, and comfortable updating of pharmaceutical information.

The LAUER-TAXE® Download

The LAUER-TAXE® Download provides you with the raw data of the LAUER-TAXE® (LAUER-FISCHER-TAXE® or formerly also aid tax) twice a month in an Excel-compatible csv format. These are suitable not only for use in workplace software solutions, but also as a basis for automated processing in computer centers.

As a user, you will benefit not only from the easy download of the LAUER-TAXE® data, but above all from an extended usage license. Thus, the information of the LAUER-TAXE® becomes even more valuable to you.

The LAUER-TAXE® Download offers you customized data packages with varying information content that suits your needs. It´s your choice.

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LAUER-TAXE® online - Licence key

To receive your licence key for our LAUER-TAXE® online please contact Mr. Florian Hommer:

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