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Cross-platform solutions available on various operating systems and mobile devices.

CGM solutions for Dentists

The best software technology for your dental practice

CGM Italia Group responds to the current needs of small and large mono- and multi-professional dental practices, even polyclinics, with XDENT, an innovative cross-platform solution for dentistry that uses the most advanced software technology to make your dental office efficient and capable of handling the new challenges of the market.

A set of integrated solutions designed for Mac OsX, Windows and Linux, as well as for the new Smartphone and Tablet devices, which take full advantage of the operating characteristics of each device and provide users with the best user experience possible, streamlining operational processes and decision-making, reducing labor time and optimizing office costs. With XDENT CLOUD the computer system can be used anywhere via an Internet connection, CGM X-RAY is the solution for managing studio diagnostic images in a simple and integrated way.

The services offered by XDENT focus the greatest attention on the patient and his loyalty. They include XINFO, an innovative system that combines a marketing and communications tool in a single product which allows the patient to be in contact with his dentist’s office at all times and allows the dentist to be by his patients’ side at all times.

With XDENT, CGM Italia Group crosses national borders and joins the international market. With a localization project concluded in Malaysia, CGM Italia Group exports the quality and excellence of an Italian product worldwide.

XDENT Distribution