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Training to optimize choices of intervention, keep quality high, rationalize expenditure.

CGM ACADEMY - CompuGroup Medical Italia Group

Useful and convenient training programs.

CGM Italia Group supports the network of doctors, pharmacies, managers and healthcare professionals through courses and training programs that meet the changing needs of healthcare, even in the area of Healthcare Management and Clinical Governance. Particular attention is paid to a systemic approach to the interaction between healthcare workers and institutions and healthcare facilities, with courses developed through the ECM (Educazione Continua in Medicina) policy, also from a FAD (formazione a distanza – online training) point of view.

The training that induces change in a doctor who is already experienced and active in the field, optimizing his choices in both diagnostic therapy and management, increasing his effectiveness and his ability to streamline costs while providing quality care, is transmitted through information that not only communicates notions, but that activates awareness and a desire for change, for personal and professional growth.

CGM ACADEMY offers medical groups, scientific societies, universities, institutions, regions, and local health authorities numerous training opportunities, both residential and online, to reach specific objectives, activate channels of dialogue and develop synergies with GPs and Paediatricians.

CGM Italia has partnered with IMR (Italian Medical Research), a training organization with accreditation certified by the ECM commission, providing a range of courses, both FAD (distance learning) type and Residential.