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All data available from anywhere and anytime

CGM MEDISTAR is a service provided through a web application. This makes it possible for doctors to communicate with their office or surgery from anywhere an internet connection is. Any information, for example, about their registered patients, is available to the doctor outside their permanent office. The system is also connected to the Electronic Recipe Repository of the State Institute for Drug Control and the systems of health insurance companies, to which data of care provided and billing can be sent directly. The software is also set up to receive laboratory results electronically and interconnects multiple locations of the same clinic. Installation is easy, and the cloud-based solution not require a specific hardware configuration of the computer.

Less to worry about

The new software saves its users much of their precious time. Much of the burdensome yet required admin work and IT processes that doctors have had to deal with until now will be taken care of. CGM MEDISTAR takes charge of regular data backups as well as checking, for example, the data for compliance with applicable laws and regulations. It also facilitates electronic communication with insurance companies and other entities.

Easy and available – a solution for all surgeries and users

The power of the CGM MEDISTAR system is also in its intuitive user interface, making it very fast an indispensable assistant in every surgery. In the modern and easy-to-navigate interface, a new user can learn to work the system within half an hour of the first power on.

For example, the doctor sees right away how many people have appointments on a particular day or if someone is sitting in the waiting room. The application interface also offers an overview of which documentation the doctor is currently working on. Upon the patient's arrival, the doctor simply searches for their records of care, diagnosis, prescription, and other information, and can immediately begin the structured recording into a modern decursus. The programme, however, has much else to offer.



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