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MEDICAL NET speeds up and simplifies your communication with your partner within the medical care. It is the safe communication system for transfer of patients’ data (for example medical reports, order forms and results). Thanks to technologies used in the system MEDICAL NET the data transfer conforms to legislation of the Czech Republic on the personal data protection. The system MEDICAL NET mediates the safe transfer of reports between two registered clients of the network – the sender and the receivers.

  • Safe electronic communication
  • Electronic sending, easier and quicker than the print is
  • Results goes electronically directly into the patient’s documentation
  • Solution for every physician and medical institute of any size

Transfer of data

The system MEDICAL NET is compound of two layers. The client’s part (post client), installed at registered user, and the communication server. The client ensures the safe message sending to any registered network user. The real message sending is mediated via the network server of MEDICAL NET .

Data protection during the transfer

The client of system MEDICAL NET is equipped with asymmetric data encryption by means of X.509 certificates. Nobody can approach the sensitive data during the transfer (even not the service provider).

Electronic signature

The post client of the system MEDICAL NET equips every message with the electronic signature in order to ensure the authenticity of the sender and the received data integrity.

Support of data standards

The client of the system MEDICAL NET supports the automatic sending and receiving of message of usual data formats used in the medical care (for example: data standard of the Ministry of medical care, version 3 and 4).

Confirmation of delivered message

After the message delivery the receiver automatically generate the message on delivery.

Effective integration of information system with client of MEDICAL NET

The postal client enables the simple connection of any information system for receiving and sending of messages. Every system of the company CompuGroup Medical enables the communication via MEDICAL NET . The connection can be done using the so-called file communication of via a very simple HTTP interface.

List of connected medical institutions

The administration and automatic distribution of registered users list is a part of the system MEDICAL NET . The registered users work with the updated list during sending of messages from their information system. Thus the communication with newly registered users of network does not require any change of setting of the postal client of the system MEDICAL NET .

Exact message addressing

The medical institution can have various communication aliases for particular workplaces within the system MEDICAL NET . They enable the exact sending of messages to the specific workplace.

Related products

The communication via the network MEDICAL NET is supported by all systems supplied from the company CGM ČR:

  • ambulance information systems PC DOKTOR, MEDICUS, AMICUS
  • hospital information systems CGM CLINICOM
  • medical information systems CGM S4M (laboratory IS, micro-biological IS, X-ray IS)
  • CGM ANALYTIX – laboratory information system



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