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Online making appointments

The patient makes an appointment himself or herself. You only confirm the visit in your ambulatory information system, the patient then automatically receives an e-mail of approval.

Advantages: In the consulting room, the telephone does not ring. The patient chooses a suitable date himself or herself.

Online results of examination

You hand over the results of examination to the patient electronically, directly from the ambulatory information system. You can attach also a commentary.

Advantages: The patient knows that he or she will receive the results as soon as they are available. He or she does not burden the consulting room by questions when they are available.

Online prescriptions

You will settle repeated prescriptions for patients during a while on the basis of their online order. You have under control which medicines the patient can order.

Advantages: You send the prepared prescription to the patient electronically.

Online consultations

Communicate with your patient online. You will settle the consultations as necessary.

Advantages: The communication is quick and safe (in contrast to the standard e-mail).



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