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Graphic dental cross

The program uses original solution that links advantages of exact and detailed graphic display of dentition with automatic generation of treatment plan and creation of ambulant account and recording in patient’s record file. The dental cross scheme enables to very exactly and systematically register the dentition status quo during the treatment. The program contains the knowledge database in which the dentist can define own treatment procedures for specific diagnosed states.

As soon as the state is recorded, the system automatically offers the further treatment procedure. The user can also choose the record in the standard semi-graphic cross.

Further advantages of the dental cross:

  • Simple adaptation of procedures, materials etc. to own needs and habits
  • Automatic calculation of stomatologic indexes KPE, CPITN and PBI
  • Graphic record of state of gingiva and shaking
  • History of state development of particular teeth during the time
  • Capability to discern permanent, mixed and child teeth
  • Possibility to draw a plan of dentition saving and to print the dental cross with price schedule
  • Definition of requirements on prosthesis at dental laboratory (label)



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