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16. March 2020,

03. May 2019, Prague
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CGM MEDISTAR Rx Helps Doctors Write Electronic Prescriptions without Medical Software

Prague, 2. May 2019 - On 1 January 2019, penalties for non-compliance with the obligation to issue electronic prescriptions have entered into force. CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is bringing out a new edition of its CGM MEDISTAR solution with the designation Rx, to help physicians who do not have medical software, as they need to issue electronic prescriptions from this year. Like other CGM products, Rx offers many useful additional features and services to its users.

16. April 2019, Prague
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The Czech Republic's future on the healthcare market is CGM MEDISTAR

In November 2018, the Czech branch of CompuGroup Medical launched a new generation software for physicians’ offices, CGM PRIMARY. Its name is currently being changed to CGM MEDISTAR.

31. January 2019, Prague
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Zuzana Jandorová Became New Statutory Representative of CGM ČR

Prague, 31. January 2019 - Zuzana Jandorová became the statutory representative of CompuGroup Medical ČR in January. As an HR Business Partner CZ&SK, she has been in charge of HR issues of CGM ČR for more than 6 years. Human resources management will remain the primary focus of the new statutory partner, she will primarily concentrate on the building of CGM corporate culture as a socially responsible company, support and development of existing employees and their long-term relationship with CGM.

02. November 2018, Prague
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CompuGroup Medical Defines Future of Medical Practice with Flagship Software CGM PRIMARY

Prague, 2 November 2018 - CompuGroup Medical launched new software - CGM PRIMARY, which is a breakthrough in the future of medical software in the Czech Republic. It is a flagship product by which the company further fulfills its long-term vision of fully electronic healthcare. CGM PRIMARY brings new technologies to the world of healthcare, whether it's its cloud solution or the use of artificial intelligence. With CGM PRIMARY, doctors can communicate with their surgery from anywhere, anytime. In addition, the programme is very intuitive, safe and with trademark high-quality service. It will relieve the users from a number of things they routinely had to keep in mind.

29. May 2018, Prague

All products CompuGroup Medical ČR s.r.o. are complient with the GDPR

Prague - XV. May 2018 Dear customers, we would like to share with you the joyful information. As you have noticed, on 25 May 2018 the new EU Data Protection Regulation, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), came into force. Same as you have been to prepare for the new legislation in yours ambulances and medical facilities, we in CGM have been worked for months to ensure that our entire company complies with the new regulation. We trained all of our employees and implemented adjustments for all products and services from both outpatient and hospital divisions.

20. May 2018, Prague

More Than Three Quarters of Czechs Do Not Know How Their Data Is Processed by Their Physician

Prague, XX. May 2018 - Almost 8 out of 10 Czechs have no information about how their physicians process personal data provided to them, although this data belongs among the most sensitive personal information. The Czech population is cautious when providing data, however physicians are trusted recipients. This is the outcome of a survey conducted by STEM/MARK agency for CompuGroup Medical (CGM) in late April and early May 2018.

15. February 2018, Prague

New Online Help by CompuGroup Medical Assisting Physicians to Prepare for GDPR

Prague, 14. February 2018 - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is becoming valid on 25th May 2018. It is a new European Union regulation that greatly strengthens personal data protection. GDPR will affect all areas where personal data processing may be involved. GDPR will have a considerable effect on the health care sector as well, as it is not only health insurance companies and hospitals, but also physicians with independent practice processing sensitive personal data, for example data concerning patients’ health condition, who have to comply with the new Regulation. These new rules raise a whole range of important questions. That is why CompuGroup Medical (CGM) launched an online help on the CGM Svět portal where physicians may ask their GDPR related questions, which will be answered by VIAVIS a.s. experts.

04. December 2017, Prague

Paying by Card for Medical Treatment Will Soon Become Reality with the New CGM TERMINAL Service

Prague, 4th December 2017 - Card payments play an essential role in everyday life of our modern society, many people can no longer do without card payments. None the less, there are still some areas where cards are not automatically accepted – for example in offices of medical doctors. At the same time, 50% of Czechs would appreciate having this option in their physician’s office. That is why CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is now presenting its new CGM TERMINAL service introducing a very simple and comprehensive solution for card payments in physicians’ offices. With the new service, patients will get a fast and very comfortable option to make payments for their medical treatment.

09. October 2017, Prague

The ‘CGM Svět‘ Portal Celebrates Its Second Anniversary Since Its Launch, It Has Attracted Almost 2,500 Czech Physicians

Prague, 9th October 2017 In October 2015, CompuGroup Medical (CGM) launched a unique portal for medical professionals called ‘CGM Svět’. Using the portal, the physicians have been able to simply and in a very efficient way communicate among themselves and with CGM and obtain the latest news from the medical world for two years now. The web-based communication portal has already attracted almost 2,500 physicians and other users in medical professions, and new members keep registering, the success of the portal is illustrated also by the growing number of visits as well as the growing length of time individual users spend using the portal. Information in individual sections that is most appreciated by physicians include health care related applications such as Electronic Records of Sales (EET) and ePrescriptions. Consulting concerning the EET issues is provided through consulting services launched on the portal last December.

22. August 2017, Prague

Physicians Can Now Send Electronic Bills to Private Health Insurance Companies

Prague, 22th August 2017 - Communication with health insurance companies is something the outpatient sector has to deal with constantly. Physicians, besides their day-to-day care for patients, must also deal with issues related to timely and correct billing of payments from insurance companies. Using the (CGM) eDávky module by CompuGroup Medical, physicians can now very easily and directly bill their work with all health insurance companies electronically. Starting this June, all physicians can send electronic billing even to the private insurance company VZP, a. s. (PVZP). The eDávky module thus becomes the only product on the market enabling this modern form of billing transfer between physicians and this private insurance company.

19. June 2017, Prague

More than 90% of Czechs are unable to communicate with their dentist electronically

Prague, 19th June 2017 - 8 out of 10 Czechs would appreciate having an option to discuss their health issues with their dentist by means of electronic communications, however only 9% of the Czech population have this option. These are the conclusions of a survey conducted by STEM/MARK agency for CompuGroup Medical (CGM) in April 2017. People would prefer using mostly e-mail communication with their dentists. Women would also like to be able to use this means of communication to communicate with their gynaecologist. However, regular e-mail accounts are not secured enough to protect exchange of sensitive patient data. Moreover, starting from May 2018, medical professionals may be even exposed to high fines for this kind of behaviour.

03. May 2017, Prague

9 out of 10 Czechs Would Appreciate Electronic Communication With Their Physicians; Also to Help Them Look After Their Loved Ones

Prague, 3rd May 2017 - More and more people are interested in using the option of electronic communication with their physicians; 9 out of 10 Czechs would appreciate it. The opportunities they would be using this option for include: making appointments and getting prescriptions and electronic reminders of regular check-ups and examinations. These results were indicated by a research conducted by STEM/MARK agency for CompuGroup Medical (CGM) in April 2017. People would also appreciate the electronic communication option to help them care for their loved ones.

03. April 2017, Prague

More Time for Patients: Artificial Intelligence to Help Physicians with Their Administrative Tasks

Prague, 3rd April 2017 - CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is introducing another tool to make physicians‘ work easier and more efficient. The company will use HarveyX analytical software from Comimpex Ltd Group product portfolio build on the IBMA Watson artificial intelligence platform. The software will help physicians to deal with the ever growing volumes of health care related administrative tasks giving them more time for what matters most – patient care.

13. February 2017, Prague

Online Consulting to Help Physicians Answer Questions Concerning Electronic Registration of Sales

Prague, 13th February 2017 - The first phase of the electronic registration of sales (in Czech EET – elektronická evidence tržeb) was launched in the Czech Republic on 1st December 2016. The EET issue has triggered a lot of emotions and provoked heated discussions. Although most physicians will be obliged to start using the electronic registration of sales from 1st March 2018, some physicians will be required to start using it one year earlier. Therefore, this new obligation also brings about a lot of questions. That is why CompuGroup Medical (CGM) introduces online consulting on the CGM Svět portal, where physicians' specific questions will be addressed by a renowned tax advisor Tomáš Hajdušek.

10. January 2017, Prague

CompuGroup Medical Launches a New Extension Module Enabling Electronic Registration of Sales Designed for Information Systems Used by Ambulatory Care Physicians

Prague, January 10, 2017 - From 1st March 2018, the obligation to register sales electronically (in Czech 'elektronická evidence tržeb', EET) will probably apply also to most physicians. CompuGroup Medical (CGM), a developer and supplier of medical software, has been developing a simple EET solution integrated directly into the ambulatory software used by physicians. The module with the new integrated solution will help physicians to easily register payments in compliance with the law.

16. December 2016, Prague

A research shows that more and more doctors consider electronical communication with patients the basics of communication at all.

Prague, 16th December 2016 - The majority of doctors prefers the electronical communications tools while communicating with patients and health insurance companies. 9 out of 10 considers electronical communication as a minimum contact form comparable with consultation over the phone or directly in their office, shows the research of CompuGroup Medical Česká republika (CGM).

28. November 2016, Prague

Czech doctors have sent more than 2 millions of “CGMessages” to their patients

Prague, 28th November 2016 - More than 700 medical facilities in the Czech Republic use modern and safe communication with their patients via CGMessages. Czech doctors have sent more than 2 millions of messages through this service provided by CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic (CGM). It helps medical facilities primarily with organization of medical examinations, sending notifications to patients about forthcoming examinations or about changes in surgery hours and doctors’ holidays.

26. October 2016, Prague
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Doctors have change more than 1 million messages via MEDICAL NET

Prague, 26. October 2016 - The number of doctors communicating with each other electronically increased rapidly in the Czech Republic. According to data from CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic (CGM), from September 2015 they increased they number by 10 % annually. MEDICAL NET allows secure communications for more than 2 000 doctors from ambulatory and hospital sector. They exchanged among themselves for more than a million messages.

09. September 2016, Prague

Czech doctors will evaluate the cooperation with insurance companies in the competition “CGM Health Insurance Company of the year 2016”

Prague, 9th September 2016 - The second year of the project „CGM Health Insurance Company of the year 2016“ finished its first part, in which 155 hospital directors evaluated the quality of cooperation with insurance companies. All Czech practicing physicians can express feedback on all czech insurance companies from September 10. The project is organized by the HealthCare Institute in cooperation with the CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic.

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