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18. September 2013, Prague

The new generation of CGM CLINICOM helps streamline the operation of hospitals. Moreover, it is more user-friendly

The new generation of CGM CLINICOM, one of the most widespread hospital information systems on the Czech and Slovak market, brings user-friendly interface and many additional features. The system, provided by CompuGroup Medical (CGM), supports the management of structured documents as well as all the internal processes of the hospital. It allows uploading image files including radiology pictures, and facilitates connections with laboratories and other entities. It also enables secured data sharing, using the MEDICAL NET system.

"The new generation enables existing users to modernize their hospital system without unnecessary investments, while fully maintaining all data and the patient database. The current processes do not need to be changed, which helps minimize the cost of training the staff," said Petr Šuráň, director of hospital information systems division at CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic.

CGM CLINICOM enables transparent management of all processes at the hospital. It clearly shows the necessary data, statistics, as well as detailed information, and completely covers activities of doctors and nurses at all kinds of hospitals. The base of the system is validated through a long-term use in hospitals of different sizes and structures. Every day, it is used by thousands of physicians at different types of hospitals across the country.

"Modern user interface greatly simplifies the using of the system and facilitates the orientation in processes and documentation. All this is available in a modern graphical environment with lightweight colors and simplified graphic elements," referred Petr Šuráň to the current changes in the system.

CGM CLINICOM enables creation of structured documents with as many customizable categories as the user may need. It gives users the opportunity to issue e-prescriptions, edit them, or even to cancel the prescriptions stored in a central repository. The system can also monitor the costs of specific cases using DRG classification.

With the module e-sick-note, hospitals may also prepare in advance for the issuance of electronic sick-notes. Creating of secured patient health records is facilitated by the module eParafa.

"The structure of the system ensures a strict separation of operations carried out by health specialists from the work of reporting experts. While health professionals may only describe the tasks that have already been carried-out, performances to be charged by health insurance companies are then thoroughly checked," explained Petr Šuráň. "All fields and specializations may use the same patient database, which greatly simplifies sharing of medical records among specialists within the hospital, and beyond," he added.

CGM CLINICOM can always be quickly adapted to the current legislative conditions, particularly in the area of billing. Launch of the new generation system was preceded by a long period of intensive development, testing and pilot deployment directly at selected customers. The system is compatible with the latest versions of Windows 8 operating system.