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15. July 2013, Prague

Survey: Doctors are interested in computerization. They appreciate, when eHealth makes their work easier

Czech doctors are interested in eHealth. They welcome software solutions that make their work easier and more efficient. This was confirmed by survey conducted by CompuGroup Medical among their clients from hospitals, physicians, specialists and dentists throughout the Czech Republic. In the period from March to May 2013, almost 2,700 respondents participated.

"The survey confirmed our assumption that the further development of eHealth makes sense. However, it must provide immediate benefits to all participants. Doctors are aware that software solutions make their life easier and operation of the ambulance much more efficient," Jan Hlaváček, Director of Medical software division at CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic, comments the survey results, and adds: "It is certain that outpatient physicians and hospitals are interested in modern technology."

With products and services offered by CompuGroup Medical, doctors are exceptionally satisfied. On a scale of 1 to 7, they granted them an overall grade 1.93. The nearer the mark to 1, the more satisfaction with services is expressed. Among clients, CGM has image of a company that is flexible, innovative and interested in the problems and needs of medical staff.

"I am very pleased that the products by CGM are perceived positively by physicians. They realize that in many situations, they make their life easier. They are happy to work with them and recognize their contribution to clinical practice," says Jan Hlaváček.