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15. August 2013, Prague

MEDICAL NET enables quick and efficient communication. Its popularity among doctors is rapidly growing

Nearly 300 physicians already share medical records through the MEDICAL NET system. It is an electronic communication system for the transmission of medical reports, requisitions, findings or other patient data. Only in the last two months, interest in the system increased more than twofold.

"MEDICAL NET is expanding not only among GPs, but also in large hospitals and clinics," says Vladimír Přikryl, General Manager of CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic, which operates the system. "In the system, we were able to take into account the concerns of physicians regarding electronic communication. At the same time, it preserves the right of health workers to control and manage their own data. All communication is fully in line with current legislation," he explains the growing interest among physicians.

For doctors, protection of personal data and high level of security are absolutely vital. The sensitive data may not be accessed by unauthorized persons, while each message must be clearly and unambiguously delivered to the recipient. MEDICAL NET carries out all security measures automatically. Therefore, they do not create any unnecessary burden for users of the system.

Radiologist MUDr. Boris Pícha was among the first users of the system MEDICAL NET. He already used it to transfer more than 1,100 messages. "In radiology, the communication is especially challenging. Descriptions of images and further information need to be quickly and safely delivered to the doctor. In addition, a number of legislative restrictions apply. Thanks to MEDICAL NET, patients do not need to deliver the documents themselves. I can share them with my colleagues efficiently and in accordance with the law," he describes his experience.

Data remain the property of the doctor. The system only facilitates the sharing of information between general practitioners, outpatient specialists, hospitals, health insurance companies and other institutions. Every medical report is automatically affixed with an electronic signature that ensures the authenticity of the sender. "Then the documents are asymmetrically encrypted and carefully secured. In addition, each message can be accurately addressed to a specific employee or workplace. Successful delivery is confirmed by the system," describes Vladimír Přikryl the security measures of the system.

MEDICAL NET communication system can be easily integrated into all outpatient and hospital information systems.

MEDICAL NET in a nutshell

  • Protection of data during transmission using asymmetric encryption
  • Electronic signature to ensure authenticity
  • Maximum simplification of sending messages
  • Easy integration with any information system
  • Automatic confirmation of message delivery
  • Accurate addressing to the specific workplace or employee