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03. May 2019, Prague

CGM MEDISTAR Rx Helps Doctors Write Electronic Prescriptions without Medical Software

The obligation to issue electronic prescriptions has been in force since last year (1 January 2018), but doctors have not been fined for non-compliance. This has changed since 1 January 2019, which can significantly complicate the work for those, who do not use medical software. Non-compliant physicians may be given penalties for violating the law in the order of hundreds of thousands of crowns. CompuGroup Medical has brought out a new edition of its CGM MEDISTAR key software, Rx. This service will enable physicians without medical software to issue electronic prescriptions; all they need is a PC with an Internet connection.

"Our company is a long-term promoter of eHealth, so we welcome every project that can make doctors' lives easier and improve the quality of care and comfort of patients. At the same time, we consider the obligation imposed by law to be an unfortunate way of introducing innovations into the health care system, especially when its compliance is enforced by substantial fines. That is why we have decided to offer doctors, who have not yet switched to any software and are naturally concerned about sanctions, not just a solution to this problem but also something extra: our new CGM MEDISTAR Rx service that has many advantages over the available solutions," noted Vladimír Přikryl, General Manager at CompuGroup Medical.

Extensive functionality and many benefits – free of charge for six months

CGM MEDISTAR Rx does much more than electronic prescription. For example, the system remembers past prescriptions. Users can create the next prescription by just one mouse click. The patient is entered into the database just once, with the first prescription, and then remains in the system. Registering physicians do not even need to do this – they can just ask the health insurance fund for the data. Doctors have access to the data from any PC – anywhere and anytime – as it is stored in the private CGM cloud. And all of this is free of charge for 6 months.

New edition of the flagship product CGM MEDISTAR

CGM MEDISTAR Rx is based on a breakthrough web-based service for physicians that CompuGroup Medical introduced in November last year. In addition to the features of the RX edition, the full-featured CGM MEDISTAR system has an even wider range of services that serve the primary purpose of saving time for physicians, as well as their money. If, in the future, the user of CGM MEDISTAR Rx decides to take advantage of the other features, it is enough if they upgrade to the full version of the software with all the data they have so far put into the system.