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16. April 2019, Prague

The Czech Republic's future on the healthcare market is CGM MEDISTAR

All information available at any place and anytime

CGM MEDISTAR is a service provided through a web application. Physicians using this application may be in touch with their office anywhere where they can connect to the internet using a computer. Therefore, physicians have all the necessary information about their patients out of their office as well. The system is also connected to the electronic prescription data storage of the Czech State Institute for Drug Control and to insurance companies making it possible for physicians to send statements of provided healthcare and bills. The system can also receive electronic messages containing results of laboratory tests and is able to connect individual elements of the healthcare providers network. And since this is a cloud solution, it does not require previous complicated installations or a specific hardware configuration.

Less work for physicians

Physicians are relieved of many tasks related to the mandatory administration and IT processes they had to do previously. CGM MEDISTAR will take care of regular data back-ups and check that the reported information complies with the applicable legislation, for example. The application also simplifies electronic communication with insurance companies and other entities.

Simple and affordable solution for all physicians’ offices

An intuitive user interface is yet another strength of CGM MEDISTAR that will very quickly make it an indispensable tool in every physician’s office. Its modern well-arranged layout requires only 20 minutes to get acquainted with by users of all age groups. Physicians will immediately see, how many people have their appointments scheduled for a particular day or whether there is anyone in a waiting room. The application interface will also show a summary of open patient files. Once a patient comes, the physician will simply look for his or her file containing information about provided care, diagnoses, prescriptions and other data and can immediately start entering structured information about patient’s condition.

Monthly lump sum payments for the CGM MEDISTAR service represent another interesting feature of this solution. And last but not least, the system traditionally benefits from a quality service support that the CompuGroup Medical customers using the existing products are used to.

The future is called CGM MEDISTAR

“Ever since we started developing this solution, we have been confident that this software would be a real leap forward in digitizing healthcare in the Czech Republic. And we hope that the new generation of physicians’ software will be very successful. We are happy to offer our clients the quality of strong CGM MEDISTAR product group,” concludes Vladimír Přikryl, CEO of CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic.

About CompuGroup Medical SE

CompuGroup Medical is one of the leading eHealth companies in the world. With a revenue base of approximately EUR 717 million in 2018, its software products are designed to support all medical and organizational activities in doctors’ offices, pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals. Its information services for all parties involved in the healthcare system and its web-based personal health records contribute towards safer and more efficient healthcare.

CompuGroup Medical’s services are based on a unique customer base of more than 1 million users, including doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other service providers in inpatient and outpatient facilities. With locations in 19 countries and products in 56 countries worldwide, CompuGroup Medical is the eHealth company with one of the highest coverage among eHealth service providers. Approximately 5,000 highly qualified employees support customers with innovative solutions for the steadily growing demands of the healthcare system.

About CompuGroup Medical Česká republika

CompuGroup Medical Česká republika was established in 2009 by a merger of software companies owned by the parent company CompuGroup Medical. The company's vision is fully electronic healthcare. The company is the leader of the domestic outpatient information systems market. Surveys show that the products are very well received by doctors. Doctors see CompuGroup Medical Česká republika it as a company that is flexible, innovative, interested in the problems and needs of physicians, and ultimately making their lives easier. It has branch offices in Prague, Brno, Pardubice and Ústí nad Orlicí and employs 110 people. CompuGroup Medical Česká republika has been a member of the ICT Union since May 2012. Visit our Twitter account:

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