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31. January 2019, Prague

Zuzana Jandorová Became New Statutory Representative of CGM ČR

Mgr. Zuzana Jandorova

Zuzana Jandorová came to CGM ČR in 2012. Since then she created for example CGM ACADEMY, a unique internal education system, and e-learning for employees, she led HR projects and took part in designing the Services Management System.

On 1st of January 2019, she became the statutory representative of the company. “Employee satisfaction, loyalty and growth are the top priorities of the company. They represent one of the fundamental strategic objectives and tasks. Having the roles of statutory representative and HR Business Partner performed by one person emphasizes this,” says Zuzana Jandorová.

Zuzana Jandorová has been in HR since 1994. Over the time she worked for several multinational and domestic companies where she also occupied senior management positions in addition to HR roles. Since 2007, she has focused on HR for IT. “Well managed HR processes and HR department aligned with a company’s strategy may fundamentally change a company. They can move the company forward and make it unique among other companies in the labour market. In the world of IT, companies have nothing but human creativity, ideas and people in general. Departure of any employee is a loss and a problem in most cases. It is not just a person leaving, but also know-how. And in the case of CGM it is also a member of our family,” concludes Zuzana Jandorová.

About CompuGroup Medical SE

CompuGroup Medical is one of the world's leading eHealth companies. With a total revenue of around EUR 580 million, its software products are designed to support all professional and organizational activities in medical surgeries and hospitals. Information services for all actors involved in the process of providing health care and sharing electronic health records contribute to safer and more effective patient care.

CompuGroup Medical services are based on a unique network of more than 1 million users, including doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies and other service providers. With offices in 19 countries and customers in 55 countries around the world, CompuGroup Medical has one of the widest networks among e-Health service providers. Approximately 4,600 highly qualified employees support innovative solutions to the growing demands of customers on the healthcare system.

About CompuGroup Medical Česká republika

CompuGroup Medical Česká republika was established in 2009 by a merger of software companies owned by the parent company CompuGroup Medical. The company's vision is fully electronic healthcare. The company is the leader of the domestic outpatient information systems market. Surveys show that the products are very well received by doctors. Doctors see CompuGroup Medical Česká republika it as a company that is flexible, innovative, interested in the problems and needs of physicians, and ultimately making their lives easier. It has branch offices in Prague, Brno, Pardubice and Ústí nad Orlicí and employs 110 people. CompuGroup Medical Česká republika has been a member of the ICT Union since May 2012. Visit our Twitter account:

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