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04. December 2017, Prague

Paying by Card for Medical Treatment Will Soon Become Reality with the New CGM TERMINAL Service

Prague, 4th December 2017 - Card payments play an essential role in everyday life of our modern society, many people can no longer do without card payments. None the less, there are still some areas where cards are not automatically accepted – for example in offices of medical doctors. At the same time, 50% of Czechs would appreciate having this option in their physician’s office. That is why CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is now presenting its new CGM TERMINAL service introducing a very simple and comprehensive solution for card payments in physicians’ offices. With the new service, patients will get a fast and very comfortable option to make payments for their medical treatment.

Card payment volumes are significantly higher than those of cash transactions nowadays. Recent research indicates that up to ¾ of all payments are card payments, and this volume will continue to grow reducing the volume of cash transactions. However, this method of payment may not always be available, and this is especially true for offices of physicians. With the CGM TERMINAL service, patients will no longer have to worry, if they have enough cash on them when going to see their general practitioner to get a medical certificate, or to get a treatment from a medical specialist or dentist who can charge thousands of CZK for the provided medical care. “Our new service introduces a simple payment card solution for physicians’ offices. As the solution is fully integrated with the existing software used by physicians, it offers many unique benefits that are not offered by regular payment terminals. Physicians can use the service to process payment transactions as well as print accompanying documents to electronic prescriptions and receipts in compliance with the requirements for electronic recording of sales; they will also get an instant access to an overview of performed transactions and summary functions. This is yet another tool to relieve physicians of compulsory administrative tasks; on top of that, patients will have the option of making their payments using any type of card, which is a standard service nowadays,” says Vladimír Přikryl, CEO, CompuGroup Medical ČR.

Comfort for Patients; Complex Solution for Physicians

The new CGM TERMINAL service is very easy to implement, no bank visits are necessary, the solution is added to the existing account used by a physician. As it is fully integrated with the used programme, there is no need to enter the charged amount on the payment terminal, the time needed for the transaction is, therefore, reduced. Physicians are also informed about progress of a payment transaction in real time – everything is under their control; secured transactions follow the most stringent standards and requirements for electronic payments and banking transactions. “Cashless payments are the most widely used payment method today. Patients ask for the card payment option ever more often, as the prices for treatment that is not covered by the public health insurance are growing. Sometimes it is impossible to inform patients about the exact amount for the treatment in advance, and customers may not have enough cash on them. Payment terminal may save us and patients time as well as unnecessary stress. The solution is very simple, and this is yet another advantage. There is also no need to take cash to bank. And if the terminal is connected to the programme used by a physician, it is very easy to generate payments. I have been using the DENTIST+ programme for 10 years and I am excited to have the option to integrate the payment terminal within the programme,” concludes MUDr. Daniela Holešová, aesthetic dentistry specialist, participant in the CGM TERMINAL pilot.

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