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22. August 2017, Prague

Physicians Can Now Send Electronic Bills to Private Health Insurance Companies

Prague, 22th August 2017 - Communication with health insurance companies is something the outpatient sector has to deal with constantly. Physicians, besides their day-to-day care for patients, must also deal with issues related to timely and correct billing of payments from insurance companies. Using the (CGM) eDávky module by CompuGroup Medical, physicians can now very easily and directly bill their work with all health insurance companies electronically. Starting this June, all physicians can send electronic billing even to the private insurance company VZP, a. s. (PVZP). The eDávky module thus becomes the only product on the market enabling this modern form of billing transfer between physicians and this private insurance company.

To date, physicians who provide health care to the clients of VZP insurance company had only two ways of submitting their billing. Either they could have sent it by post or through the insurance company’s external application that had not been primarily intended for use in outpatient clinics. Physicians had to manually rewrite the invoice and attach the information about provided medical care from their outpatient program. This method of charging and the overall administrative burden were troublesome for doctors and were taking much of the needed energy and time they could have devoted to their patients.

Thanks to the ongoing cooperation between VZP and CompuGroup Medical, all physicians can now easily handle this obligatory agenda electronically via the eDávky module. This also applies to those who have not purchased this optional expansion module for out-patient software solutions. Physicians do not have to spend their precious time rewriting the data into an insurance company's application or spending money on postage. In addition, this will bring them timely and accurate billing and, consequently, they will get the money for their offices faster. At this point, the eDávky module is becoming the first product on the Czech market, that makes it possible to send electronic billing to this private health insurance company.

„We are very pleased, that thanks to this new cooperation with VZP insurance company we can once again make it easier for our customers and help them reduce the administrative burden associated with this mandatory agenda. For the 1200 physicians, who are contractual partners of the insurance company and have already purchased the eDávky module, the billing process becomes literally a matter of a few clicks. I believe that the possibility of using our module in electronic invoicing with the VZP insurance company is a welcome step even for other physicians. Ultimately, this simplification will also be beneficial for the patients, as physicians will be able to give them the time they had previously devoted to administrative tasks,“ says Jiří Leník, ‎consultant HCS from CompuGroup Medical ČR.

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