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15. February 2018, Prague

New Online Help by CompuGroup Medical Assisting Physicians to Prepare for GDPR

Prague, 14. February 2018 - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is becoming valid on 25th May 2018. It is a new European Union regulation that greatly strengthens personal data protection. GDPR will affect all areas where personal data processing may be involved. GDPR will have a considerable effect on the health care sector as well, as it is not only health insurance companies and hospitals, but also physicians with independent practice processing sensitive personal data, for example data concerning patients’ health condition, who have to comply with the new Regulation. These new rules raise a whole range of important questions. That is why CompuGroup Medical (CGM) launched an online help on the CGM Svět portal where physicians may ask their GDPR related questions, which will be answered by VIAVIS a.s. experts.

GDPR was adopted in April 2016 and is becoming valid this May. In the Czech Republic, it will replace the existing relevant legislation. The Regulation defines obligations and rights in the relationship between citizens and those who process their personal data. The new rules will significantly affect also the health care sector where huge volumes of personal data are processed every day. Patients will newly have better control over how their personal data is treated. Physicians processing their patients’ data will, among other things, also be obliged to regularly test how well the information is protected. They will also have to make sure the data is sufficiently protected against misuse, and use the data in a correct, legal and transparent way. An administrative fine of up to EUR 20 million, or 4 % of the total annual turnover of a company, may be imposed on a physician (a health care facility owner) in case the new Regulation is violated.

Online help will assist physicians to get ready for GDPR

One of the common mistakes is to think that GDPR applies only to IT security. The core idea is to secure access to data in a complex way. Therefore, the new Regulation covers physical, personal as well as administrative security. Setting up internal processes and procedures in a physician’s office is an important part of the whole process. Physicians may find it difficult and time consuming to grasp all the new requirements. CompuGroup Medical not only wants to help physicians and to make their preparation for and compliance with the new Regulation’s requirements easy, it also wants to provide its support and a suitable tool ensuring a long-term compliance with the GDPR requirements to them. “We are aware of the demanding nature of a physician’s job as well as of the ever-growing administrative burden. That is why we want to help physicians to prepare for the GDPR, so that on 25th May 2018 they can say: “We are GDPR compliant” without having to face additional worries and administrative burdens,” explains Vladimír Přikryl, CEO CompuGroup Medical ČR, and he adds: “That is why we launched our expert online help on our CGM Svět portal where physicians may ask specific questions concerning the GDPR implementation; we will also use the portal to gradually publish more GDPR related information.”

The online help is available at and can be accessed by all registered users of the CGM Svět portal. Questions can be entered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Inquirers will receive a reply to the e-mail address they entered during registration as soon as an answer to their question is prepared by experts. The online help on the CGM Svět portal is run by VIAVIS a.s., a company with many years of professional experience in information protection and security. Its long-term clients include also Czech health insurance companies, and therefore, the company is well familiar with the health care segment. “GDPR needs to be approached with a cool head and one must get frightened by consulting companies that have emerged over the recent months seeing GDPR as a good business. At the same time, I do not recommend general solutions that are being prepared by some of the professional societies for all their physicians. The ideal approach, in my opinion, is using services provided by renowned consulting companies that have been offering personal data protection solutions in our market for several years. Many things do not change in fact. If physicians have complied with the relevant laws up to now, they will be close to meeting the GDPR requirements as well,” says Vladimír Přikryl.

Apart from the online help, CGM is also preparing another project that will guide physicians safely through the GDPR issues. This complex service will be made available to physicians as early as mid or late February. “Together with VIAVIS a.s. we are preparing a product that will be tailored to the needs of individual physicians and will neither require investing dozens of thousands, nor long process audits. The project will include support of an experienced consultant who will guide physicians through all difficulties and specifics of the Regulation without major economic impacts or time losses for the physicians. The final product will be easy to adjust in order for the physicians to be sure that their processes always comply with changing legislation, interpretations and case-law,” concludes Vladimír Přikryl.

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