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13. February 2017, Prague

Online Consulting to Help Physicians Answer Questions Concerning Electronic Registration of Sales

Prague, 13th February 2017 - The first phase of the electronic registration of sales (in Czech EET – elektronická evidence tržeb) was launched in the Czech Republic on 1st December 2016. The EET issue has triggered a lot of emotions and provoked heated discussions. Although most physicians will be obliged to start using the electronic registration of sales from 1st March 2018, some physicians will be required to start using it one year earlier. Therefore, this new obligation also brings about a lot of questions. That is why CompuGroup Medical (CGM) introduces online consulting on the CGM Svět portal, where physicians' specific questions will be addressed by a renowned tax advisor Tomáš Hajdušek.

The electronic registration of sales obligation will apply to most physicians from 1st March 2018, however, some of them will be required to start using it on 1st March 2017. This early adoption requirement will apply to those who also sell products in their offices and their sales exceed CZK 175 thousand per year, or their sales turnover is higher than 49 % of the turnover of their office. The new legislation will, therefore, require major changes in the established processes of physicians' offices. “There is no doubt that implementation of the electronic registration of sales comes along with new work that will, first, cost entrepreneus money, and second, will impose new obligations on them or their employees. This is a new obligation imposed by the state, which, however, has to be administered and payed for by entrepreneurs themselves,” says tax advisor Tomáš Hajdušek.

Online consulting will help physicians overcome difficulties of the electronic registration of sales

Physicians' interest in the electronic registration of sales issue is also evidenced by the number of reactions to a short survey published at the CGM Svět portal. Last December, over 1700 physicians used the survey to check whether the duty will start applying to them this or next year. “Physicians' response to the prepared survey was very strong. There are many questions concerning the implementation of the electronic registration of sales as well as ambiguities. That is why we decided to start online consulting to answer physicians' questions regarding the electronic registration of sales and make the implementation of the new system as easy as possible for them,” says Jan Hlaváček, General Manager AIS, CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic.

The online consulting is available at the CGM Svět portal at The questions will be answered by tax advisor Tomáš Hajdušek who has a deep insight into the electronic registration of sales issues as well as practical experience with its implementation in restaurants and hotels that were first subject to the electronic registration of sales obligation. “We believe that this new service will be a real benefit. At the same time I would like to put the physicians at ease, there is really no reason to worry. Quality information systems suppliers can offer solutions that will help them implement the electronic registration of sales. It is important to check with the tax authority who will be subject to the electronic registration obligation,” closes Jan Hlaváček.

At the moment, the physicians have an opportunity to use the new electronic registration of sales module developed by CompuGroup Medical to see how the electronic registration of sales will work in their offices. It is a simple solution that will be integrated directly into their office system to make this obligation much easier to meet for the physicians.

About Ing. Tomáš Hajdušek

Tomáš Hajdušek is a tax advisor, member of the Czech Chamber of Tax Advisers, former industry and trade deputy minister for entrepreneurship and customer protection and an external specialist in CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic for issues related to the electronic registration of sales. He is the head of the tax section of the Czech Chamber of Tax Accountants. Recently he has been supporting entrepreneurs in implementing the new electronic registration of sales obligation.

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