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15. June 2015, Prague

The Czechs are not careful enough when taking more medications: one in five is already encountered health problems due to drug interactions
According to the CompuGroup Medical survey, a fifth of respondents personally encountered difficulties caused by improper combinations of drugs at least once in their lives

Prague, 15th June 2015 – Health complications caused by improper combinations of drugs are for patients and health care constantly growing problem. As revealed in a survey conducted by the CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic (CGM), more than half of the respondents or their families and friends encountered some form of improper combination of drugs. The Czech patients are aware of the risks associated with drug interactions but they still rely heavily in this on doctors and pharmacists. The vast majority of respondents would appreciate if the doctors, when prescribing the drugs, immediately electronically verify the side effects of its combinations.

Conducted survey showed that almost all respondents primarily monitor the dosage and method of taking the drug in the package leaflets. Two thirds are also interested in the possible interactions with other drugs, effects on driving or allergic reactions. The Czechs considered as the most dangerous the possible combination of drugs with alcohol and then a combination of different drugs. On the contrary, according to the respondents, the combination of drugs and herbs brings almost no risk. Unlike in case of food, the Czechs have surprisingly little interest in the drug manufacturer or country of origin. Total interest in the information contained in leaflets also increases with educational attainment.

Although the Czech patients read the drug leaflets, they expect primarily their doctor (86%) or pharmacist (65%) provide them information about the possible adverse interaction; only 3% of respondents rely in this on themselves. Almost all respondents (96%) would also appreciate if the physician, when prescribing the drugs, has the chance to make immediate electronic check of drug interactions. This would not be currently a problem because physicians have already available a solution that similar aspects tracks. "Medical information systems have modules, which automatically control unwanted interactions in the medication of the patient. Prescribed drugs are compared with all medicines taken, and in case of possible complications, doctors are alerted," says Vladimír Přikryl, general manager of CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic. However, according to the statistics of CGM, whose ambulatory software solution is used by 70% of doctors and clinics in the ambulatory sector, this module is used only by 9 percent of doctors, although their number is growing. "For example, in Austria, doctors are cautious. Up to half of local doctors use a system that allows them to detect any inappropriate drug interactions," says Přikryl.

Czech patients are at risk of 23 000 different negative interactions with more than 1500 active substances. Over 4,300 interactions are severe (contraindications) and threaten them with serious health consequences or loss of life. According to expert estimates, about 150 people die in the Czech Republic due to drug interactions a year. Physicians can easily avoid them.

Drug interaction module allows immediate monitoring of adverse drug or combination of drugs and foods in the medication of the patient. Furthermore, you can easily locate any described interaction with the selected drug. Database of interaction cooperates also with a list of medications prescribed by other physicians or which the patient has taken in the past.

The survey was conducted by the STEM/MARK agency on 511 respondents in days from 26th to 31st May 2015.

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About CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic

CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic was established in 2009 by the merger of software companies, owned by the parent company CompuGroup Medical. The vision of the company is fully computerized healthcare. The company is a leader in the domestic market of hospital and ambulatory information systems. Doctors are highly satisfied with their products and services, as is confirmed by periodic surveys. The company is perceived as subject that is flexible, innovative, and interested in the problems and needs of physicians, which in the end makes their life easier. 110 employees work in branches in Prague, Brno, Pardubice and Ústí nad Orlicí. CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic is a member of ICT Union since May 2012.

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