CompuGroup Medical
Synchronizing Healthcare

We promote dialog in the healthcare sector and ensure that costs are saved in a meaningful way. Everyone should benefit from medical progress with the help of IT.

Investor Relations

CGM Medical Cloud

The CGM Medical Cloud offers all the best aspects of a modern Cloud environment and the security of dedicated hosting. Healthcare and software is in our DNA. It is our day to day focus inside CGM. It is then of no surprise that we created our own Cloud to reflect that same level of dedication to healthcare by adding high levels of security and data protection, which includes Fortidata and ISO27001 certification.

Benefits of joining the CGM Medical Cloud

🌐Fair pricing and no additional charges on data traffic
📃Comes with standard SLA
‍👨🏻‍🏫Add-on services like full managed services, consultancy and software-as-a-service
🛳️Containerization and virtual machines
📦fast S3 storage, VNETting, firewalling and loadbalancing and much more,
 all built-in
🏙️Data is stored safely in certified CGM Datacenters in Koblenz and Frankfurt
👩🏾‍💻Professional Services for cloud migration and cloud native development
🆘All-around support from GroupIT, by help of the CGM ServiceDesk

Meet the Team

Martijn Nieuwenhuis

As product manager I will bring my experience with Public Cloud to our Openstack Cloud.  As former VP of IT and development, I was in charge for the migration of our products to the Public cloud. Together with our developers we redesigned our applications from monolithic to (micro) services in a serverless public Cloud solution. I experienced firsthand the big impact this has on development and in the way you need to change your mindset and way of working but also the big benefit it offers. With my lessons learned I can offer your team a way to get started and this will help me design the roadmap together with the full team and the feedback from our customers. I started in this role as i get the oportunity to help more software teams improve there applications. 

Jochen Wagenblatt

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