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We promote dialog in the healthcare sector and ensure that costs are saved in a meaningful way. Everyone should benefit from medical progress with the help of IT.

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Sven Thomas Müller

Sven Thomas Müller

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Sven Thomas Müller joined CGM in 2018 as the Group CIO (Chief Information Officer). After founding an IT trading and service company in 1997, Sven Thomas Müller joined the HKB GmbH in Koblenz, a law firm for tax, legal and management consultancy specialising in the support of healthcare facilities, as an IT consultant in 2002. After nine years of working on internal and external projects for clients, he joined RHM Klinikgruppe as Head of IT in 2011, where he oversaw the acquisition of further clinics and clinic groups such as MEDIAN and the AHG Group. From 2015, Sven Thomas Müller was also responsible for IT at the MEDIAN clinics and over the following years accompanied the merger of the three clinic groups.