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Pharmacy Information Systems:

Pharmacy Information Systems:

Steering Pharmacy Management and Drug Delivery Safely

Mastering the management of a pharmacy

Managing a pharmacy successfully challenges the owner every day anew: Warehousing must be optimized at all times, key figures interpreted, documentation obligations met, and last but not least personnel must be led. Various IT solutions facilitate these tasks and help when it comes to information, analysis, documentation, and organization.

Always in view: material management

Our software solutions and the associated services offer detailed information and helpful decision support in the management of the complete drug supply chain: They provide you with important information, starting from the procurement and shipping of the drugs to the efficient management and the control of the inventory up to the planning, conduct, and control of the retail function.

Information and advice for your customers

Your customers trust you: You answer questions and inform about the intake and possible side effects. Our systems help you to do so and provide information about the safe and cost efficient distribution of drugs - guaranteed by progressive modules on drug safety and control, decision support tools for substitutions with generics and functions to optimize costs.