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Health Provider Services

Health Provider Services:

Optimization of a doctor’s daily routine is our target

On the way to paperless medicine

CompuGroup Medical serves physicians in all branches of medicine, in practices, hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories. To make your job easier, we have developed software in our Health Provider Services business area which manages data and provides you with information.

Organizing medical data

Whether it is documentation, prescriptions or administration – we make sure that the annoying bureaucracy and paperwork disappear and that the most important medical information is provided where and when it is needed. In this way, we unburden our customers giving them time for what matters most: the patient.

Optimally regulating work flows

During a patient’s stay in a hospital, he or she passes through many hospital wards: from admission to in-patient care and medication, from operation to release. Our software guides all management and medical specialists in all tasks. We ensure smooth operation in clinics, laboratories, rehabilitation and social facilities.