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Health Connectiticty Services

Health Connectivity Services:

For the best possible medical care each and every time:
The patient is our focus

Holistic treatment for patients

Physicians, pharmacists and treatment teams are working more and more closely together. Diseases can be treated together; prescribed medications could be coordinated with each other and preventative measures taken. This benefits everyone: patients are holistically treated and are less likely to suffer from other health-related complications

Quick healing through on-hand knowledge

To offer targeted treatment, physicians require comprehensive data – preferably before the patient consultation. How did the last surgery go? Have the blood values developed since then? We take care of providing all relevant information in a timely manner – whether from colleagues, a laboratory, a health insurance or hospital. All of this, so that patients are quickly healed.

Patients play an active role in their own health

The importance of health and wellbeing is increasing: patients would like to be perceived as individuals and to have a say in their treatment. Is there a link between the diabetes illness and pressure in the workplace? How is treatment progressing? How are the medical values developing?

Authority over your own medical data

More and more patients would like to be familiar with and manage their own medical data. We design solutions which allow patients to electronically merge and manage information from all treating physicians. The patient then decides which doctor(s) he makes his medical data available to. Confidential remains confidential – here, only CGM offers the highest safety standard.