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Consumer and Health Management Information Systems

Consumer and Health Management Information Systems

The Consumer & Health Management Information Systems area is for customers within the healthcare sector that are outside the healthcare providers in the other three segments. Important customer groups in this segment are pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, other healthcare IT companies and consumers.

Communication and data solutions allow pharmaceutical companies to provide information to healthcare providers through software interfaces. In addition, the Company collects and transfers anonymous clinical data for market studies, clinical trials, etc.

The CHS segment also targets healthcare insurers by providing them an information channel to healthcare providers via software interfaces. Information, best practices and clinical guidelines are integrated into doctors’ workflows to optimize decision-making and thereby assist them in delivering the utmost quality and cost efficiency in patient care.

Other examples for product and services offerings in this business segment are clinical decision support systems and medications and therapy databases for healthcare providers. For other healthcare IT companies and consumers, the Company offers solutions for personal health records, consumer portals and mobile applications.

One of the most important projects of the CHS segment is the rollout of the Telematics Infrastructure in Germany. More information can be found here (in German).