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Business Areas

Health Provider Services

How can we simplify your everyday work? Our information systems synchronize medical data and treatments as well as provide information where and when it is needed. Doctors of all specialties as well as hospitals and laboratories profit from the optimal management of medical workflows.

Pharmacy Information Systems

Managing a pharmacy successfully challenges the owner every day anew: Warehousing must be optimized at all times, key figures interpreted, documentation obligations met, and last but not least personnel must be led. Various IT solutions facilitate these tasks and help when it comes to information, analysis, documentation, and organization.

Hospital Information Systems

During hospitalization, a patient undergoes many steps: from admission over the inpatient care and medication, surgery, and discharge. Our software does not only support the medical experts but the executives in the economic management, too.

Consumer & Health Management Information Systems

The Consumer & Health Management Information Systems area is for customers within the healthcare sector that are outside the healthcare providers in the other three segments. Important customer groups in this segment are pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, other healthcare IT companies and consumers.