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Ambulatory Information Systems:

Ambulatory Information Systems:

Optimization of a doctor’s daily routine is our target

On our way to paperless medicine

CompuGroup Medical serves doctors of all fields and any size of office. To facilitate their work, our Business Unit Ambulatory Information Systems develops software that is able to offer more than just administering data or providing information on time.

Organizing medical data

Whether documentation, prescription, or administration – we make sure all processes remain integrated in one single solution to thus master the annoying bureaucracy faster, to make paperwork disappear as far as possible, and to make important medical information available where needed. This is how we make our customers' job easier and make room for the time that really matters most: with the patient.

Creating smooth processes

Our internet and intranet solutions guarantee the secure exchange of medical data: Integrated software solutions ensure smooth processes in doctors' offices, with other medical colleagues, and authorized third parties. This secures seamless processes in administration, processing, and availability of personal and medical data.