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Moving forward into the mobile era – with the Medical Cloud

The well-being of your patients is your motivation. To give them the best possible treatment, you are working increasingly more together with other doctors and hospitals. This makes it even more difficult to make the necessary data available – whether from colleagues, home or on your smart phone. You want to do away with USB flash drives and other inconvenient solutions. Accessing and maintaining patient data with your colleagues from any location – how is it possible?

Ready-for-use anywhere – Secure, of course!

Cloud computing, or online data storage, could be the solution. However, it is not permitted to store sensitive data there. Until now, no truly secure and legally sound solution exists for doctors ­ except with us!

CGM presents the cloud for doctors

So that you won’t have to dwell on details in the future, CompuGroup has developed a convenient and secure solution – the medical cloud. As is the case with cloud computing, data is stored online where there is memory space available and processed where computing capacity exists. The highlight of our solution: the data is encrypted and the personal references are removed. With our program the encrypted data is processed and can only be restored on your personal device. Only in this way you have full legal security.