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Best care through optimal linkage

The healthcare system gathers increasingly more extensive quantities of data - in hospitals, at the office of the general physician and at the health insurance funds. The data have to be documented, classified and categorized based on medical facts. Physicians want accurate insights from their circle of colleagues. All this for the optimal, case-based treatment of patients. At the same time, the indications and treatment options are becoming increasingly more differentiated and thereby more complex.

IT reduces the workload and helps to heal

Our response to the increasingly more extensive demands on the “Healthcare System” is: Clinical Decision Support (CDS): CDS links physicians, patients and payers and assists in the implementation of crucial initiatives into practice. The physician receives information about signs of a rare disease earlier - and he receives it precisely at the moment the patient is sitting in front of him. SAM helps in viewing the whole patient at the decisive moment, and thereby ensures optimal care.

More health at a lower cost

Together with physicians and payers, we create many ground-breaking innovations, helpful programs and direct interfaces in our CDS projects. Scientists confirm: Patients are healthier and the providers have a cost reduction of approximately 15%. This progress provides quality of life on the one hand, and also reduces costs.