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Laboratory markets in motion

Laboratories are in motion worldwide: they are becoming experts, expanding internationally or conquering new disciplines. As a manager, you are constantly taking on new tasks, but must still score points in the details – orders are hard to come by these days!

On the right track with CGM Lab Solutions

To stay competitive, you rely on strong IT. It must be flexible and provide perspective: Which machines are free tomorrow, how can I lower my costs or accommodate rush orders? Your decisions must take effect immediately – CGM Lab Solutions can help.

Your customers are our customers

For over 25 years, we have serviced laboratories in addition to practices and hospitals. We have come to know the needs of your core customers from our participation in projects worldwide. With our help, you are one step closer to your customer– and one step ahead of the competition! Make your processes and those of your customers tailor-made for each patient with our products. Our lab solutions are the key to success for more than 2, 000 laboratories of various sizes in over 20 countries worldwide.

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