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CGM in the hospital markets

Networking of outpatient and inpatient care

The best possible treatment of patients is at the center of the value chain of each hospital. Only a software focused completely on the clinical processes can ensure the optimal workflow of each individual treatment step and completely meet the new requirements for clinical target systems.

Especially for inpatient facilities, digital networking is playing an ever more important role. Along with optimal use of staff resources, the smoothest possible interaction with internal logistics is critical for success when optimizing internal processes. Potential for coordination and communication with externals, such as referring doctors or laboratory partners, has been largely unexploited to date. In addition to a considerable increase in efficiency, the targeted collaboration between these service providers leads to clear competitive advantages: if the entire value creation chain of the hospital is efficiently designed, maximum cost-effectiveness can be achieved – for the hospital and all other integrated service providers. Understanding and linking upstream and downstream workflows supports hospitals in achieving their ambitious economic objectives.

CGM is in a leading role to exploit this potential: as the sole HIS provider on the market, CGM creates smooth networking of inpatient and outpatient treatment processes. Networking solutions from CGM offer an extensive and established portfolio of solutions unique in the European eHealth market:

Solutions portfolio

Consistent, comprehensive process orientation

Hospitals are highly complex organizations with numerous interfaces. These exist not only between departments, wards and functional areas but between the various professional groups, too. Problems of coordination lead to daily time losses and bottlenecks. Changing to new technology components and functions alone is therefore only of limited benefit.

The new generation of all CGM HIS suites is therefore consistently process driven – for CGM, the former development focus on software modules has given way to a complete focus on process. For the software-based, paperless control of all relevant processes generates a self-contained and assessable economic and medical benefit and thus provides significant added value compared to classic HIS systems.

Networking suites for submarkets with various requirements

With CGM CLINICAL , CGM is offering a new process-driven HIS suite, which has been specially developed for the requirements of modern, networked acute-care and rehabilitation clinics. Based on comprehensive multidimensional resource planning and active integration of patients as well as external service providers, with CGM CLINICAL, there is a move into a completely new dimension as regards quality and cost-effectiveness.

The process-driven CGM SOCIAL suite was designed precisely for the industry conditions of social and care institutions. CGM SOCIAL is a strategic, future-oriented complete solution for all companies in the social economy, who, together with external care partners, plan to actively shape the change in the social sector and take advantage of existing opportunities.

With CGM HEALTH ALLIANCE , CGM provides an extensive solution approach that covers entire health regions in an integrated a manner. Here, the patient is the absolute focus of all treatment steps – based on a CGM LIFE patient file, which registers complete documentation related to the patient’s career throughout his whole life, the modern patient is actively integrated into the management of his health.

The Commercial.

CGM CLINICAL meets the challenges in the age of networking. Patient treatment processes are revolutionized with increased quality of care. At the same time, time and costs are saved with a measurable contribution towards improved cost efficiency.

A global HIS-Strategy.

CGM's HIS product strategy follows a global vision: Based on a centrally developed software core, integrated software components adapted to local requirements are deployed.

The networking-HIS



Hannes Reichl talks about the realignment of the segment Hospital Information Systems and the implementation of a worldwide product strategy.