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A global HIS strategy.

On the way to the top in Europe with HIS.

With a group-wide global alignment of competencies in the local HIS markets, CGM creates the basis for targeted implementation of a global product strategy.

Think global, act local

Upon closer consideration, the health markets are quite heterogeneous. Hospitals not only differ greatly based on their specialization. The process flows in hospitals are as different as the endeavors of the individual healthcare institutions to provide the best treatment quality and simultaneous cost-effectiveness are similar.

The HIS product strategy of CGM pursues a global vision: on the basis of a centrally developed software core, integrated software components that specifically describe the process support of medical, nursing and administrative activities of service providers are incorporated. These components are centrally designed and developed, and customized by local development teams to meet local market requirements. Individual HIS standard solutions that combine the advantages of standard software and individual solutions are thus created. Centralized product management makes it possible to ensure the highest possible level of quality assurance. Local CGM units perfectly ensure customer proximity and support.

The CGM evolution strategy:
Full investment protection for clinical software

Today, many hospitals use HIS solutions that were parameterized years ago in such a way that they cover their individual process requirements very well. Provision of newly developed, process-oriented CGM CLINICAL software components puts these hospitals in the comfortable position of modernizing the existing HIS step by step. So the investments made over years are fully protected.

Evolutionary strategy

Top 3 in the European HIS market

CGM is characterized by focused development and powerful HIS suites for global use in the clinical markets, and by unique competence in the networking of medical service providers.

Today, CGM is one of the top three providers of hospital information systems (HIS) in Europe. More than 1,500 CGM clinic customers have more than 250,000 beds in acute care, rehabilitation and social facilities. CGM can thus point to outstanding expertise – in solution design and implementation of sophisticated HIS projects, as well as in clinical process consulting. Some 850 employees work daily to improve CGM-HIS solutions and services further. Just under 400 experienced European software developers work in a focused manner to develop our HIS suites. More than 300 employees endeavor to provide best possible customer service in the service and support environment.


The Commercial.

CGM CLINICAL meets the challenges in the age of networking. Patient treatment processes are revolutionized with increased quality of care. At the same time, time and costs are saved with a measurable contribution towards improved cost efficiency.

Hospital Information Systems

Demanding challenges for hospitals and changed general conditions mean new requirements being made of HIS's.

The networking-HIS



Hannes Reichl talks about the realignment of the segment Hospital Information Systems and the implementation of a worldwide product strategy.