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Nonstop Healthcare.

CGM CLINICAL – the networking HIS

The CGM CLINICAL suite provides a new generation of hospital information systems. For the new “networking HIS“ for the first time facilitates the interdisciplinary cooperation of all service providers along the entire care chain of the patient: internally, the activities of all actors are synchronized; externally, referring doctors and associated laboratories can be integrated into the cooperation, and even the patient can immediately assume an active role in his treatment process. Overall, improved treatment quality is thus achieved. Along with networking, a new, multidimensional approach to resource planning represents a particular highlight. Optimization of planning and control of all clinical resources, from staff to materials through to rooms, will give doctors and nurses more valuable time for treating their patients in the future. All this facilitates a paradigm change in the software architecture:

Service orientation and a consistent process focus replace conventional modular thinking.

Service orientation with focus on processes


The networking HIS:
Interdisciplinary collaboration creates
win-win situations for all service providers.

The close networking, the smooth and effective cooperation between outpatient and inpatient health facilities, today represents the essential basis for ideal patient care. Company or department boundaries no longer play a role. As a system financer, the patient expects the best possible treatment quality for his quickest possible recovery. If the occasion arises, the citizen requires optimal care. The new HIS suite CGM CLINICAL for the first time enables interdisciplinary cooperation for hospitals along the entire care chain of the patient. Its fundamental system properties enable existing inter-sectoral boundaries to be overcome once and for all. CGM CLINICAL and the unique range of CGM in the outpatient care markets provide you with an unparalleled initial situation to use best possible information and services for effective and efficient treatment of your patients!


The patient HIS:
Active integration of the patient
for improved treatment success.

Today, health is quite simply one of the hot topics and the much-cited “patient focus” has become reality. The triumph of self-tracking apps and the availability of basic medical knowledge on the internet has placed citizens and patients in a new position of self-responsibility and participation for all aspects of personal health. Within a few years, patients have developed into informed customers with massive effects on expectations vis-à-vis health providers. Only if treatment processes for all aspects of patient care – but also for all aspects of expectations – are developed and run synchronously, is it possible to create patient satisfaction.

If the primary focus to date has been to heal patients or provide the best possible care to long-time patients, today dialog and the active inclusion of the patient have assumed a vital role. The more intensively the informed patient is involved in his own care path, the more effective and cost-effective his treatment can be. As a result, completely new requirements arise for a hospital information system – the CGM CLINICAL networking HIS actively involves the patient with all his physical and psychological requirements, and considers individual needs and expectations of the individual and his relatives.


The efficient HIS:
Multidimensional resource planning
as a key to clinical efficiency.

Classic HIS solutions show their weaknesses mostly in the complex integration of various resource planning systems as well as in the lack of service orientation. Up to now, resource planning and control and also simple appointment planning have mostly been managed in separate planning tools. Labor-intensive and time-consuming coordination activities to clarify the availability of skilled workers, material, premises or other infrastructure are therefore unavoidable. High planning costs, sub-optimal resource utilization and long waiting times for patients are the result.

CGM arranged to completely develop an innovative hospital information system and bring it onto the market step by step. The decisive advantage of CGM CLINICAL is consistent resource control originating from the treatment processes. Considering each individual treatment process, the solution provides an integrated resource management and optimization, in which all medical, nursing and administrative processes are coordinated according to needs. CGM CLINICAL supports and automates all planning circles and ensures short, middle and long-term resource optimization. This enables the hospital management to improve the cost control processes. The process optimization will give doctors and nurses more valuable time for treating their patients in the future. The medical outcome is clearly enhanced – with constant capacities - the software therefore makes a measurable value contribution to improved cost-effectiveness in hospitals.


Modern hospitals are opting for intelligent, cautious
evolutionary steps instead of risky big bang projects.

Hospital information systems are subject to project life cycles of two decades and more. Hospitals use these comprehensive systems as the centerpiece of their entire IT to describe core processes – here, no hospital is like another, each one has different focus points, specialist departments and processes. This means that the process requirements of the individual hospitals sometimes vary massively. If a hospital would like to replace an existing HIS with a new one, this inevitably leads to a major IT project, preceded by a costly reo-organization project. This not only costs immense amounts of money and ties up enormous resources but also entails technical risks that are difficult to estimate.

If all these aspects are considered, an evolutionary, modular approach to renewing a HIS landscape is obvious. From now on, innovative CGM CLINICAL components will put hospitals in the position to modernize the HIS used, step by step, in a process-driven manner. In this way, the HIS investments made to date are protected in the long term. CGM brings innovations for new requirement areas and, at the same time, extends the useful life of the system used. In future, usual applications will not simply be replaced but carefully modernized at the places where it is reasonable and necessary. Step by step, a state-of-the-art HIS is developed – friendly to the budget and without a time-consuming large-scale project.

And established rapid deployment methods ensure rapid implementation of our suites: ready-made best practices templates ensure that a cost-effective introduction of the solutions is ensured.

CGM CLINICAL is ushering in a completely new dimension for creating added value for hospitals:

Hannes Reichl

With the market launch of the new CGM CLINICAL suite, we have achieved a major milestone in the implementation of our vision of best health provision: the new hospital information system puts the focus on the patient treatment process. A smooth quality process is established around this, beyond all restrictions, at the same time offering the service providers greater profitability.

Hannes Reichl
Senior Vice President HIS

The Commercial.

CGM CLINICAL meets the challenges in the age of networking. Patient treatment processes are revolutionized with increased quality of care. At the same time, time and costs are saved with a measurable contribution towards improved cost efficiency.

Hospital Information Systems

Demanding challenges for hospitals and changed general conditions mean new requirements being made of HIS's.

A global HIS-Strategy.

CGM's HIS product strategy follows a global vision: Based on a centrally developed software core, integrated software components adapted to local requirements are deployed.


Hannes Reichl talks about the realignment of the segment Hospital Information Systems and the implementation of a worldwide product strategy.