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Vital information at your fingertips

You are meeting with a patient for the first time: Do you have all the information you need? What about the patient’s previous medical history? Which medication is she taking? To get the answers you need and to provide the best treatment possible, you are also in contact with your colleagues. Making this information exchange as easy as possible for you is what drives CGM.

Online exchange – with practices, laboratories, hospitals and health insurances

A quick question to your colleagues, sending medical reports, and a patient referral to a hospital – all of these are possible online! Being able to see all patients and make good decisions is a great feeling. You can rely on CGM solutions for all your practice needs – and the best part is that you have more time for your patients!

Secure online exchange: your practice on the net

How can you be sure that your confidential data stays confidential? We know you want to go above and beyond basic security – and we can help! It goes without saying that our communication solutions fulfill all legal data security requirements. Because we know: your patient’s trust is your most prized possession.