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Give your patients the gift of a better quality of life

The blood sugar illness Diabetes Mellitus Type II has become an endemic disease today. Approximately 350 million people are currently affected and it is projected that several million others will be added to this number annually. The guidelines for diabetes treatment are constantly being developed and it is very time consuming to stay up-to-date.

Modern diabetes treatment

Often, you must do more than simply treat the patient: suggesting the correct lifestyle for a patient can be crucial. How do I best approach the patient, how do I treat all the people? We support you in successful treatment with Clinical Decision Support (CDS). Our Diabetes management program, CDS Diabetes, shows the most current treatment guidelines and you also receive the latest printouts of the patient sitting across from you.

Your success is measurable

Pilot projects have demonstrated that physicians who treat their patients using CDS Diabetes are more successful. These diabetics have already reached the medically suggested target goals in a short to medium time period, and must be hospitalized less often. At the same time, less medication is needed. When using CDS Diabetes, you are not only giving your patients a better quality of life but you are lightening the economic burden of the community as well.